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Pump set-up finished

When I was first thinking of how I wanted to finish the pump mounting brackets, I must admit that I was feeling a little lazy at the time. "I'll just paint these real quick and be done with them" is what I was thinking. But after some thought, I decided that they just must be chrome plated!

On a sad side note, the chrome shop I've been using that has been family run for generations, and many decades was forced to shut it's doors due to ever increasing rules and regulations mad.gif

I had to talk the owner into doing this last project for me because they were closing in just a few weeks, I said "please it's the last pieces I need chrome plated for this build". He's always been interested in what I bring in because I'm the only person that brought computer parts in for plating, so he agreed to do it. They are closed now and this is the final job they did for me.

To recap what you are looking at here:
  • Dual Aquacomputer D5 Pumps with Aquabus Interface to be controlled from an Aquaero
  • Bitspower Dual D5 Top - Acrylic version - hand polished for 10 plus hours
  • Bitspower low profile stop plugs in chrome
  • Dual Bitspower D5 mod kits - modded to fit the Aquacomputer D5 pumps then chrome plated
  • Custom made pump brackets - chrome plated
  • Custom made acrylic spacer between the pump top and brackets
  • MDPC-X sleeving - Italian Red, Black and Platinum Grey
  • Darkside 3mm white LEDs custom sleeved with fan connector
  • Isolate It! Sorbothane Vibration Damping material under the brackets

This is the back side. I sleeved the power cable using the classic red for power and black for ground. That cable will plug directly into the power supply which is right above where the pumps mount.

I unsleeved the stock Darkside 3mm LEDs and joined them together with MDPC-X sleeving and put a fan connector on the end that will plug into the Splitty I'm using as a LED power distribution block.

Front view

I still have the protective plastic on the bottom of the vibration damping material. I'll peel that off before the final mounting. It's sticky but not too sticky.

I took these pictures outside with overcast skies

Let's see how it looks in the dark with the LEDs on.

Here is with some red coolant in the top. That's distilled water with some red dye.

You can see the overcast is burning off in the middle of my photo session.

Now the overcast is burned off completely.

I like the reflection of the connector on the chrome pump bracket here.

Finally dark shots with red coolant and the LEDs on.

I have a tremendous amount of time invested here, but I'm very happy with how this pump set-up turned out thumb.gif

I will get some more pictures once the pumps are actually mounted in the case. I had to take the reservoirs back out which I'll cover in the next update.

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