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Originally Posted by miklkit View Post

Ayup. I had a similar experience although I did not quantify the results. My testing had it set from 2266 to 2518 and I noticed a difference in performance. I tried higher settings but ran into stability issues.

All in all it is free performance.

yes and free performance boosts like this shouldn't be missed... I have a vague memory of saying "I'd be a fool not to run this chip at these settings" because of the difference it made... I had just forgotten about it when everyone was going on about how "slow" fx was doing in modern games all the while I wasn't having issues smile.gif OC'ing the cpu/nb doesn't result in nearly as much heat as OC'ing the cores so it's a good idea for people even with moderate cooling solutions to try... the performance increase was more from that than the 5ghz OC I have... I'm still testing things out and its crazy how little the 300mhz over base clock made all the while a simple 400mhz increase in cpu/nb made a dramatic difference with only a couple degrees more heat...while the 300mhz increase on the cores gave a good 10C boost in temps.... also disabling things like C6 states and other power saving features helps too, but not as much.

Still, if I had the money, I'd go ryzen just because I want to play with it too : )

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