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Originally Posted by Mad Pistol View Post

The FX architecture responds similarly to Ryzen on increasing bandwidth between non-core components. I agree that Ryzen is a far superior architecture, mainly because it's a more traditional design with higher per-core performance, but the FX still has something left to give.

Yes it does has something left... be it ever so borderline... I certainly wouldn't recommend anyone to build new with FX, but in my case having an old system and no money for a new rig... it's good that things can be done to make FX at least keep up to some degree.

I'm hoping this thread will find those who are in similar situations and may give them a little more time to save up before having to upgrade... I figure at current market progression with respect to games ever increasing demand for resources FX has 1-3 years left before it truly becomes useless cpu for gaming... yeah I know that's kind of vague but then there is no real method for predicting EOL for a product like this.... personally... with my $ situation now... I'm hoping for 3 years sad-smiley-002.gif

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