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Originally Posted by jaredismee View Post

i am pretty happy with the nb running 2450MHz on mine.

seems to be the sweet spot for me as far as stability goes.

i also have no issues playing games, even pubg plays at over 60fps min and usually running at well over 100. I actually blame the lows more on the amd graphics card. (the game really likes nvidia cards more)

i have seen a lot of people playing pubg with similar if not better graphics cards on the 8350 and complaining of lows in the 20's (while using lower settings than me). I think a lot of people with these fx chips running stock coolers are throttling cuz they never clean it out too.

good point on the throttling... I probably need to add something like that in the OP stating to make sure that people are not using stock coolers.

As for the NB stability, I think I got a "golden" chip here... hits 5.1ghz stable on all cores easy with only 1.5vcore, 2800 on cpu/nb at 1.4 volts but I usually run it less than that... I think its at 1.35v and 2700 right now... anything over 2700mhz fails to yield further gains as far as I can tell.. and to top it all off the thing runs 2400mhz ram cas latency 11 too... I could be wrong, but from what I've heard it takes a pretty good chip to do that... I've actually overclocked the ram to 2500 once... but was no gains in performance so I backed down....

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