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Hello guys.

I came across a bricked MSI GTX 1060 6gb on Ebay at relatively cheap price . I checked with the seller if anything else was wrong with the it and he said that it was almost brand and apart from being bricked by his friend who was messing with the bios it was fine. After watching few GPU flashing videos I thought it would be a piece of cake to make it work, so I bought it. But boy I was wrong. I've been trying to flash it for the past 2 days but nothing's working. I looked through many threads and forums but this one looks most promising.

As of now I've tried nvflash from dos with different options, but it always returns "video adapter not found" message.

I also tried @anoob's guide on page 4 - switching between working and bricked GPUs. Both times when I unplugged working GPU from pci-e slot and inserted the bricked one, it sparked(?) and whole pc shut down.

The 1+8 pin method looked promising but I couldn't find that on back of my card.

Extra info: the bricked GPU has it's fans spinning and the lights are on but apart from that it has no signs of life, it's not detected in device manager nor in dos. Also my motherboard has only 1 PCI slot but it has iGPU.

I know I shouldn't have bought something which I wasn't sure I could fix. But, as I said, it seemed pretty straightforward :/

Any help will be appreciated


P.s. sorry if I'm missing something obvious, it's a new subject for me
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