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So far so good with the medium template settings. This is the first time I've had 3200 up and running without any bsods. CPU is at 3.6ghz 1.1v and Prime has been running smoothly for at least an hour. Temps with case closed are hovering in mid 60's so I'm probably not going to push the OC much higher until I get a replacement Enermax 360. The first one had bad pump so I'm using a dual fan Noctua right now. At what point does the TR lose stability to cpu temp? And I guess same question about the VRM or when it starts throttling at least.

Is anyone using P states for their overclock? And a follow up question, does anyone speak German? Check this video out. https://youtu.be/83brAYq2uzE I copied his settings and seemed to work fine, but my DRAM was still a problem. And my cooler couldn't sustain those temps for long either.
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