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Originally Posted by chew* View Post

Needs like 1000% then even so it does not seem to detect a flaky imc giving you false positive that your stable.

Once you toss load at mem and cpu it fails prime.

I run prime blend 90% ram burning with heaven looping and sound up listening for crackling.

Still not perfect but its a pretty damn good gauntlet that is very hard to pass.

thanks for that never thought off using prime and heaven etc together.
i,ll give that a shot.

now watercooling question
i have hooked up the ek pump to the block on the table nothing else

the pump has 1 outlet and 2 inlets that seem to be chamfered
i simply screwed in a compression fitting started it up and it started leaking....not a lot but enough to scare the crap out of me smile.gif

i had a jury rigged ball and **** drain hooked to the other outlet via the adapter it was then i realised that the compression fitting does not screw in right.

is there a specific fitting i need to use on the outlets to plug in compression fittings.
i ditched the pump put the supplied adapter on the front outlet and hooked it up and apart from the pump generating more heat than a cpu it seems to be running ok with no leaks.

so pointers?
is it just a mail/female adapter like what was supplied?
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