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Originally Posted by tarot View Post

if what you are doing doesn't work try 2933 (i ahev had luck with that on weird sticks with ryzen...seems to be a bit of a safe spot)
Well before when I was having trouble with bs I clocked the mem down to 3066 and it seemed fine. So I'm trying to dial in Chew's settings at 3200. I figured I'd start with the medium settings and see if they worked. I think they do when under load. But there's some kind of weird (voltage?) problem when at idle. I've tried a number of settings to try to correct it with no luck. HPET, went from stable mode to OC, disabled all network controllers except my single ethernet. And still, within minutes of loading windows I get a bsod with various error codes. I don't think the bs code itself is important because it seems to be a memory problem rather than driver, OS or other hardware. Having said that, this is not my day job so I could be ass wrong.

I'm not sure what to do. I have a lot of information at my disposal but it's guesswork for a layman like myself. I may dial down to 3000 and focus more on CPU OC and temp regulation because that will probably have more benefit to my everyday workflow than anything else.

EDIT: But I want it to work so bad and I'm going to be OCD about this for a while! At the very least I want to know where the problem is and if I can't fix it then I can move on.
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