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Originally Posted by D-EJ915 View Post

This is probably extraneous to most everyone, but with 100% system stability on my OC I was getting random frame drops and stuttering in Final Fantasy XIV. After playing around disabling turbo boost fixed the issue but then my OC also bit the dust. I enabled turbo boost again and enabled the benchmark mode and the issue seems to have disappeared and I no longer get the frame drops. I have no idea what benchmark mode does but I guess I will leave it enabled. (this issue also occured at UEFI default/stock settings no OC)

I'd changed about a thousand other settings and parts out to try to fix this issue as well. Also another thing I ran into that Corsair Utility Engine also seemed to bog down the system a bit, but I haven't reinstalled it yet so maybe that got fixed too but just an FYI lol.

opps.. i think you guys misunderstand of turbo boost and EIST. If turbo boost be disabled , cpu cant be turbo and can only stay lower than max non-turbo ratio.

For keeping cpu frequency as highest one under loading . U just need to disabled all C-state and keep high performance mode in OS.

Enabled benchmark tweak will do the similar job , but i will tweak more for some benchmarks to gain more point of records .
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