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Originally Posted by PhiZaRoaH View Post

A real 3G DA is rough to find, saw a transformer one on Amazon for $99. I said nahhhhhh. Lol

Unless I remember incorrectly, the transformer DA is a 3.5g. are there "fake 3g" deathadders, though? i was under the impression that it was the 3.5 that was so massively copied.

when i still had the time i was looking for 3g deathadders multiple times a week, i was desperate to find one in good shape.
i did get a handful over time, but most were double clicking and or/had destroyed coating.
i still have one or two in nice shape, i really really love that coating.

the black edition is also pretty nice imo. no disco light as a bonus, and incredibly comfortable coating (on the sides, too!)
i went all midlife-crisis on it when i found a source of NIB ones, i got four of them.
myeah, four...
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