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Post your hardware specs, if you like. I'm interested to see what kinds of temps you're getting with this setup. I have a similar config in my Drogon rig (specs in my sig). 2-360 rads, single loop cooling a stock 6700k and an overclocked 1080 all being monitored and controlled by an Aquaero 6lt. GPU temps under load average 44-45C with spikes to 47-48 (my monitor is a 3440 x 1440 ultrawide). Fan curve is based on coolant temp and set very modestly for acoustics. Fans never spin over 50% (approx. 1100rpm) and idle at 15%. I'm using the NB eloops pwm version. I'm going to mod the front panel of the Define S for better airflow since I've noticed a 2-3c drop in overall temps with the panel removed through testing. This being said, real world feedback on the performance numbers of your rig would aid me tremendously in finalizing my decision to relocate from the Define S to the View 71. Btw, that psu cover is sexy AF too biggrin.gif
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