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Originally Posted by The Stilt View Post

Hate to admit it, but I can't hit anything higher than 3200MHz on this platform regardless of the DRAM or the settings I use thinking.gif

3333MHz works occasionally, but it requires >= 1.175V SoC (which is just insane) to post and still won't be able to cold boot.

It's not the memory I can assure you (G.Skill 3600C15 & Corsair 3600C16).

3466MHz using your preset non issue for me regarding stability testing, posts issues I can not solve redface.gif . I used 1950X stock, F4-3200C14D-16GTZ in DC.

HCI Memtest 5000%+ SOC 1.05V VDIMM 1.4V 53.3 30 30 30 30 UEFI 0601

This passed also 2hrs each RB stress mode and custom x264 encoding test. Y-Cruncher it failed. Needed SOC 1.1V.

Rerun on UEFI 0603, P95 29.1 build 4 blend passed 12hrs.

3333MHz is better for me on post issues, in that I have none. I can't seem to get 3333MHz Safe/Fast preset stable in OS tests redface.gif . I can only get 3333MHz stable with 3466MHz timings preset redface.gif , then also no post issues.

@Sicness has 3466MHz on 4x 8GB stable with your preset (his screenie), I wonder how his setup is for posting reliability? guess no issue as he never posted about having an issue.
Originally Posted by NGMK View Post

I have done this already. When I try to update the Aura firmware it says that it has already been installed. There is a folder called FW which downloads along with the Aura firmware. I do not know what to do with this folder, every .executable file goes out in a flash.

Aura IC FW Update.exe

Same for v1.00.13.
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