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Originally Posted by log1c76 View Post

So I ran Prime95, small fft, for an hour and temps never went above 51c with the fans never going above 50%. I also ran Intel tuning utility's CPU stress test with same results. When I played BF1 though, the temps spiked to 55c with GPU hitting 57c. That game is the reason I delidded my 6700k. Before delid and with 1 360mm and 1 240mm rad, the temps would spike up to 73c. Now this case absolutely does not have the airflow my old Air 540 did, but for being tempered glass all the way around, it did fairly well. It might not help much, but I'll be switching out the rear 120mm fan for a 140mm. If anything it'll make the that part of the case look a little more polished. I've always preferred rear 140mm exhaust fans. Anyway Excellentamp, I hope this helps you out. By the way, this is all done with a room temp of 75F/23C.[/quote

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