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Another update for you guys, first showing you some stuff that turned up for the build.

First up the PSU’s, yes you did read that right as desk will be housing two rigs, it also need 2x PSU’s.

Seasonic stepped up here and provided 2x 1000w prime Titanium PSU’s for the build, solid and reliable power. Ill add some more photos of items when opened.
Next up was the gift from intel and very lucky gift indeed, it had me made up.

So both rigs will have almost identical processing power for this build, going to be a long ride I am thinking at the end with final pics and videos.

And last of course and not least, before we go of course a little update on the cherry blossom flower shown in previous post being finished.

Only 5 of these left to go and onto the main imagery after that, but going on this alone it’s going to all look amazing when put together.

Until the next update guys
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