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Originally Posted by BLUuuE View Post

Hi @mynm,
do you know anything about reducing VRM temperatures by changing TDP values?
See this post where @chris89 changed some TDP values.

Hi, yes reducing TDP values can reduce VRM temperatures. I see Chris89 have lowerd tdp and tdc values to 128W and 128A and the max tjmax temp to 75º. Maybe theses values are low, you will see throttling, I need 176W to 185W and ~ 180A for 1125mhz core 1475mhz memory.

The 0MHz core and memory clock issue, maybe is related to same values that some Asus bioses have at the end of the bios, and that must be changed to do to work the mhz changes. I don't have tested to change these values to see if it is working. But according to my tests, changing the mhz values to more than 1040 in the bios is not worth it, is better to OC with software.

As you have a R3567B voltage controller there is other way to reduce the VRM temp by setteing a VRM max temp. Is explained in one gupsterg's pdf I gave you:

You have to change registers:

0x31 = OTP, bits [4:0] of byte is threshold in °C, range is +0°C to 32°C, (5 bits so max 31°C ??, also PDF show max VRHot+OTP 134°C??).

0x32 = VR_Hot, bits [7:2] of byte is temp_max (64°C+data value), range is 64°C to 127°C, (6 bits so max 63 integer), to read register take
hexadecimal byte, convert to binary, bits [7:2] convert to hexadecimal.

You can test to change that registers with Afterburner and see if them are working and are changed in the i2c dump.

But I don't know well how is it working. Maybe somebody in hawaii bios mod or fiji bios mod thread could help you better.
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