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So, I made a custom BIOS for my RX 580, it was getting 30mh/s dual mining with DCR and everything was great, life was good. 2 or 3 weeks into it, failed my first card, couple days later, the second card failed as well. Both had similar mods: 2000mhz memory speed with custom straps, undervolted on bios and lower core clock.

About the problem:
1) if i open claymore to start mining now I get almost immediately a black screen
2) i tried a new custom bios I made, flashed it giving about stock figures voltages and powetune, also decreasing memory speed to 1900mhz --- same thing. Fails immediately or soon after starts mining. No change.

I tried switching BIOS on switch and it seems to work fine. I played a game for about 10 minutes. Also mined for >1h now and also good... I will run furmark later for a while and see how it works. At 1750mhz it seems to be fine so far, but stock rom is that disappointing 24mh/s.

Here's the BIOS I made and was using on one of the cards til it failed (ran fine for 2 or 3 weeks great hashrate): http://xonedigital.com/dump/bios1.jpg

This is the stock bios i made backup and recently re-flashed: http://xonedigital.com/dump/bios-stock.jpg

I think I have a decent understanding for OC'ing in general, all my other RX models are doing fine for longer than these cards, but I have very limited knowledge in electronics. I'm confused. What I don't get is: It seems the card damaged something, because it worked great for 2-3 weeks and now it fails almost immediately with the same bios. How can it be damaged if I only used lower voltages? Shouldn't it damage ONLY if I used higher voltages and temperatures? From what I read, it seems that the memory is what's causing trouble as I've seen the type of squary artifact on the screen after the problem started when using my modded bios. How can my memory be bad now if it wasn't running at higher voltage? I even undervolted 100mv... Could it still be damaged? The card ran cooler than stock as it was undervolted. Does running memory at higher than stock speeds and tighter timings decrease its lifespan even if undervolted?

Appreciate your inputs.

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