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Originally Posted by lolngoway007 View Post

Hello i got my 8700k recently and here are my results so far

Corsair 115i. Maximus x hero mobo.

8700k at 4.9ghz 1.28 voltage (manual). Load line calibration at level 6.
Cache untested.

2x8gb ram at 3733hz 16 17 17 39 2N
1.35v 1.225 vccio 1.2375 vccsa

I haven't run aida64 long enough to know if it is stable. But while playing bf1 for about 2 hours i haven't crashed yet.

Temps in aida64 is like 85 degress max.
Dont expect to ever get it stable using AIDA64, try Realbench smile.gif

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