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Originally Posted by qiUip View Post

Yup, it snaps right back. The angle I took the photo makes it seem worse than it is, and this is before I pushed it all the way over the plastic fan cover so it looks crocked. When I get my new PSU cables I’ll take it out and photograph it again. I plan on going with a waterblock later so it willl completely resolve this issue anyways.

That is good to hear. Whenever you can get more pics up is always cool.

Are you using 140mm fans in the front or 120s? If I use 140, will there be an issue with placing a 120mm rad on the bottom/base at all?

I’m supposed to get the case delivered today, but won’t be able to start the build till tomorrow evening. I bought a SilverStone PWM fan hub yesterday to get all of the fans running in this case to try and keep it cool. I wish they would have sold a rear panel with vented air holes and a dust filter where the GPU sits if you didn’t want that to be glass. It’d probably help with some of the air flow, but it doesn’t sound like heat is that big of an issue in this case.

If the 1070 Ti wasn’t coming out I’d consider the 1080, but stupid NVIDIA pretty much is killing that card with this tactic. Seems like the jump from my 1070 to the Ti would make more sense than a 1080.
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