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I just can't see how its applying the order of operations to this. Probably because I'm used to all my math being splayed out on paper so that I can follow along with relative ease. How is that still following order of operations? The way it looks to me, I never laid out a problem for it that would result in the order of operations even being used.

The way you wrote it out:

meal = 44.50 + 44.50 * 0.0675
meal = 44.50 + 3.00375
meal = 47.50375

Looks to me like it would be ok because the meal variable is being reassigned at the end. I learned that it doesn't care if you change it later, and it will just use the latest definition. So if I said:

meal = $1

and then on the next line I said:

meal = $2

It would forever just use $2 for meal instead of $1.

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