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I'm using the Maximus X Hero with the 8700K. I am currently trying to move to Adaptive voltage but even after setting 1.260v as the adaptive voltage with +0.001 offset. HWiNFO64 reports my Vcore as 1.312 - 1.344V under light loads (web browsing, PUBG). Basically equal to the VID (1.315 - 1.350). I have LLC set to level 5 and even then the CPU only goes down to 1.28v during Cinebench and 1.296 under Prime95 26.6. I have set the IA AC/DC Load Line to 0.01 as per Kaby Lake/Skylake guides. I just think that 0.05 difference from what I set in the bios is too big. What else can I do to try? I have tried resetting CMOS and reflashing the 0505 bios.

Thank you.


Try setting SVID Control to enabled.
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