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i have the Maximus X Bios 0505

I use trident Z 4000 c18 32gb ( 4 Dimm )
all stable so far, but the write and copy value in aida is very bad.
read 58K read 30k copy 30
checked it with different values of Ram voltage, SA/IO but no way

then underclock the memory :/ 3800 not stable sometimes no boot

underclock to 3600 16-16-16-36 374 1T stable so far HCI is running at this time now ( 200% and no failure until now )
Aida climbs up
read 55k write 58k copy 52

maybe it´s an Bios issue or something similar.

anyone an idea? can it be the SA/IO Voltage?
whats is max safe value for this?
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