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Originally Posted by cyii View Post

Hi, im new to this Forum and i wanted to flash my AMD B350F Bios but i have a problem or i might just be blind frown.gif

I got the HP USB DISK Strage Format Tool and downloaded the latest BIOS File "ROG-STRIX-B350-F-GAMING-1001".

Like i said i might just be blind but i dont now what other download you mean with the "usbdos" folder and "AFUDOS" or do i have to get this somewhere else?

I see the Download link for the Gigabyte Boards but not for ASUS.

Im new to this stuff until now i just flashed my BIOS with Files from ASUS.

sorry for bothering you and my bad english

mfg cyii

the whole instruction on two pictures, and it's very simple ... if you have a problem - do not do it
Originally Posted by destroyfx View Post

Any of you tested the one for the Asus B350 Prime Plus 1002? I plan to test it for the P-States so I don't have to use zenstates or patch my bootloader to ASM-Force new P-States.

I read that it's also possible to perma-brick the BIOS of this board, if for example you set P0 with > 4Ghz and like 1V, it will not boot and... Clear cmos or removing the battery for 30 minutes will not fix it so... Asus user, if you want that BIOS for p-states, be sure to test the pstates with zenstates FIRST so you don't brick your motherboard.

all functions fully working
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