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Originally Posted by tictoc View Post

Moo! seems to have some odd behavior. I believe my 290s are running separate tasks, but I'll have to pause one of them to be sure.
*Edit2* Runtimes are identical with only one of the 290s crunching, so they are runnning separate tasks.

I just pulled my 1050ti to test the 480 on it's own, and it looks to be running fine. Crunching the first task now and I'll update with the runtime once it finishes up.
*Edit* Runtime was 800 seconds, which is about 18 seconds slower than when I tested them at the beginning of the year.

Is that a Vega 64 or 56 you're running? It is looks to be screaming through tasks faster than anything else I saw on the Moo! site.
Yeah I got a vega 64 last week. I put it under water but it is running stock clocks. My current gaming card

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