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Originally Posted by HKPolice View Post

Which M.2 slots on the board are shared & which one is direct?

There is the manual, and it says which M.2 slots are shared with SATA or the last x4 slot. There are three m.2 slots, so if you just guess, you have a 1/3 chance of picking the one that isn't being shared! Althought if you don't fill the last x4 slots, you now have a 2/3 chance, and if you use no SATA ports then you have a 100% chance!
Originally Posted by pas008 View Post

dont they have to be tugging at the bandwidth at the same time though

This is very true, so far, aside from sequential speeds on three RAIDed high speed NVMe drives through the M.2 slots, nothing really has been bottlenecked.

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