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Originally Posted by Tipmen999 View Post

To be honest I was just trying to squeeze some life out of my system. I have overclocked my 2500K to 4.9ghz and it's been stable for over a month figured I'd hit my GTX770 up to whatever limits people have been acheiving and then knock it down or two. Already using FireStorm to manually software OC it on launch. Basically man I would defer to your knowledge on this, what would you do in my situation?

I guess it depends on what model 770 you have. If it's a 2GB one then consider upgrading to a newer video card. You can get something like a GTX 1060 with 6GB for < $200 today.

If it's a 4GB card then I suppose keep it but the 770's are kinda slow for today. And my EVGA 770 I had was a really poor overclocker, only did 1208 Mhz and some people get a lot more out of their cards, so my overclocking experience with the 700 series is pretty low.
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