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We had a power hit.  My RPi 3 had been running since June 17.  When it booted up it went into some kind of time warp and was running tasks from June 17, not the tasks or the projects, it was running at the time the power went off.  I aborted the running tasks which were well past their due dates.  3 SETI tasks had due dates of 8/8, when Boinc reported the aborted tasks I got this:


11/6/2017 6:11:19 AM | [email protected] | Generated new computer cross-project ID: 80a178114d820bec7f2ac2a3263fd74c


So now my CPID is hosed.


The RPi seems fine, but I guess I need to log off and on periodically to avoid this time warp.


Edit -


Looks like the memory card is corrupted, I did a update and rebooted and it went right back to June 17.  Even the tasks I had previously aborted came back.


My CPID looks OK on the SETI web site, I removed the RPI from the list of computers, hopefully once I get everything reinstalled it will be OK.

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