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Originally Posted by senna89 View Post

Im tryed another slot PCI.

I plug the card in the last PCI 8x and once started Windows the card was recognized with the correct name and seems run ( with the penultimate PCI-ex 1x instead the card was recognized with a generic name like "multimedia asus audio controller" or similar and install any drivers )

But i dont know what driver is it and there's only that, so ..... no Xonar Control Center to set the card.

I try to launch the setup of the official driver downloaded by the site and do the same thing, PC restart immediately and now dont boot, i must switch off the pc via power button.

What is this ?

Welcome to the World of the Essence STX II in ryzen.

I have been trying to talk to asus here:


With no success on the same issue...

Apparently they decided to give up on me!
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