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Originally Posted by damcrac View Post

" Set your Long Duration Power Limit to 4095 and your Short Duration Power Limit to 4095. Next, set your CPU Core Current Limit to 255.50. I'm not going into too much detail about these power limits, but if you raise them, a higher limit can improve overclocking."

I know you said you're not going into too much detail, but I was wondering where you came up with these numbers? Or maybe better worded, is there a range these numbers should be in? I don't want to just blindly set them without having a basic understanding. The extent of my knowledge is adjusting the ratio, and voltage, followed by XMP profiles. So it is pretty limited. Thanks in advance.

Sure, the short answer is it can help with overclocking and the duration and power limits for turbo frequencies. What your looking for is a more detailed answer. What you have to understand is wattage plays a role in the those settings. For other boards, it may be called something similar but possibly different terminology. Look for something in the UEFI under CPU configuration and power limits. For this board under CPU configuration, you want to set Long and short duration to what you want the package limits to be in Watts. Long is for when the CPU ratio will be lowered after the period of time set by Long duration maintained. The duration maintained is the time until the CPU gets lowered based on the limit you set to your CPU core limit to. The short is the limit in watts and is when the limit is exceeded, the ratio will be lowered immediately.

So CPU Core Current Limit is what effects the power package to the CPU. You can configure what you want the limits to be. Lower settings will save power, and higher will improve performance. I believe this is in watts and 255 is the max set. Once you have that limit set you can set your short and long power limits, and this will be based on your current limit. The duration number you asked for is in seconds. ( How long the turbo limit lasts)!

So to more directly answer your questions, the highest range is 255 for core limit in watts, and the other limits are for your power that affects turbo frequencies. So to prevent CPU from throttling right away, you set your loads and core limits way above TDP for better overclocking results.

I would say to make sure your cooling is sufficient because higher limits will cause the CPU to work at its max TDP when overclocked.

Jeffrey M Edson
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