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Originally Posted by Jedson3614 View Post

For this board under CPU configuration, you want to set Long and short duration to what you want the package limits to be in Watts. Long is for when the CPU ratio will be lowered after the period of time set by Long duration maintained. The duration maintained is the time until the CPU gets lowered based on the limit you set to your CPU core limit to. The short is the limit in watts and is when the limit is exceeded, the ratio will be lowered immediately. .


I would say to make sure your cooling is sufficient because higher limits will cause the CPU to work at its max TDP when overclocked.

Thank you. I should have stated that I will be setting up my new computer with the Asrock z370 Taichi. I'd assume the BIOS's are very similar. I was scanning through the owners manual last night, and didn't see very much detail so I really do appreciate the clarity.

I now have a good grasp on what Core Current Limit is, and that makes sense to me. You mention setting long/short durations to the desired package limits in watts. I'm assume I'm missing something, because I know 4095 watts isn't at one moment in time, or in seconds, as I thought that would be related to Long Duration Maintained settings.
Then the last question for this round, is the difference between Long and Short duration power limit essentially a 2 level protection? Difference being that the Short duration brings it down immediately, kind of like an emergency downclock. Which would mean, your settings(both long and short being the same value) would effectively bypass the long duration power limit leading to an immediate downclock instead of gradually. Hopefully I'm on the right track.

I will be using a Noctua NH-D15 for my 8700k, so I hope it will be decent enough to get me close to 5.0 without too many issues. Though without a delid, I'm not going to be too upset if I end in the 4.8 range.
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