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Originally Posted by Neville0 View Post

If you're buying vrm waterblocks for the fatility itx, you would still need a chipset waterblock because theyre connected by a heatpipe on the mobo. Depending on the case, you would become limited by the psu as the largest sfx psu is 650W and the most recommended is 600W. SFX-L is a different story.

This is true.

The chipset heatsink situation is much more easily rectified, the official TDP is 6W. (https://ark.intel.com/products/125903/Intel-Z370-Chipset)

Package is 23mm x 24mm , scaling images of the chipset PCB suggest around this size as well. The chip itself appears to be around 8x10mm.

There are many 25x25mm heatsink solutions that can be attached with thermal tape.

If you're willing to allow for overhang there's the Enzotech solution seen here http://www.performance-pcs.com/enzotech-slf-30-30mm-forged-low-profile-copper-heatsink.html
By scaling the mosfet package (5x5mm) I estimate the diagonal hole center to center distance to be around 48mm. The range is 47.5-53.5mm on this enzotech heatsink.
CU1100 Copper (Click to show)

An aluminum chipset heatsink is a worse idea as a replacement. You would need roughly 40mm x40mm to run passively. 6063 aluminum (Click to show)

To maintain a temperature of around 50°- 60°C you're looking at about 5°C/W thermal resistance. That's satisfied by an aluminum heatsink of 40mm square dimension with about 10-15mm thickness.

26.60mm square , 11.6mm height pin fin with 200LFM airflow is about 5.3°C/W https://www.digikey.com/catalog/en/partgroup/apr-series/1250

4.08 °C/W 29mm square footprint, 12.7mm height (aluminum 6063 T5) : https://www.mouser.com/search/ProductDetail.aspx?R=0virtualkey0virtualkeyWAVE-29-127#spec Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

clip on heatsinks https://www.mouser.com/ProductDetail/Wakefield-Vette/903-23-2-18-2-B-0/ Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Originally Posted by Sancus View Post

Is the Asus Z370-G mATX adequate for a 5.2ghz 8700K @ 1.425V? Is the Asrock Fatal1ty ITX/ac any better? Rather not wait indefinitely for the EVGA Z370 Micro unless it's absolutely necessary.
Z370-G mATX is supposedly the same VRM as the STRIX-E/F. (That is limited to 25A per low side mosfet)

The Fatal1ty ITX/ac should be just as capable if not more capable provided you cool the Fatal1ty ITX's VRM heatsink. The 60A Intersil Smart Powerstages are definitely able to put out over 40A and with higher efficiency (over 92%). Thermal protection is built in as well.

Just be aware that you really should use an AVX offset with an ITX PCB or a VRM like the STRIX's.

see https://www.hardwareluxx.de/community/f139/intel-coffee-lake-s-sockel-1151-oc-ergebnis-thread-kein-quatschthread-1178256.html#post25869477
8700K|AVX|5000MHz|1.232V|4500MHz|1800MHz|ASRock Fatal1ty Z370 Gaming-ITX/ac|EK AIO|geköpft|L731C402|Boxed|the_patchelor
(power draw from CPU = 167W)

I've seen people reportedly trigger thermal shutdown on STRIX-E/F at 200W, but the board should be capable of more. It is likely a VRM cooling issue or a current limit in BIOS.

edit: see this newer review of STRIX-E from hardwareluxx, it supposedly pulled 192W power consumption but it wasn't specified if it was from the wall https://www.hardwareluxx.de/index.php/artikel/hardware/mainboards/44666-asus-rog-strix-z370-e-gaming-im-test-das-strix-flaggschiff-fuer-coffee-lake-s.html?start=5

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