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I am in full agreement with @ENTERPRISE.

There is no excuses that I would find acceptable in this particular Zenith situation.None.

Asus is a very big company, actually the biggest "in this game" and if they manage to find resources to design and assemble and put out the door this products, they can also find such resources on the software front. They have to, one does not work without the other.

Smaller vendors have managed to have x399 motherboards more stable and with updated AMD code (AGESA).

Asus likes to release motherboards with a myriad of functions only to then never have them working properly. Zenith is a clear case for this.

I understand having a platform like the ROG Zenith with extended options for the overclocker on top of everything else can at times get complicated, specially on a new platform, but this was their option, no one obligates them to release products in such a way. But those options are what they advertise, and are what we paid for. So they better stand by them.

On this product official page we cant find the most updated bios (BETA), only a BIOS from the release month of the Threadripper platform. Just imagine some clients that do not frequent this forum and do not see or want the BETA bios..... and even those are lacking in quantity or quality, it's not like those BETA bios are "the good stuff".

We cant also find the most updated AISuite, Aura and other software that actually exists, just not posted or distributed correctly.

Same for the drivers.

If this is what ASUS has to offer on the ROG platform and what we should expect, them I'm afraid this is going to be my last Asus product, not only my last Asus motherboard, mostly because I find this absolutely disgraceful and in some ways pure false advertisement looking at the product page.

If I treated my clients this way I'd be finished, ASUS is lucky to enjoy a pretty dominant position so they can do this, but that will catch up one day. Be sure.
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