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I'm sorry to start a new thread for this, but I've looked everywhere and have yet to find an answer (perhaps there isn't one, haha). I'm looking for a mousepad that offers even more control than the Zowie G-SR. In a perfect world, I would prefer an uncoated pad (the QcK Heavy & Gigantus Team Razer Edition come to mind) but unfortunately neither of these pads are as slow as the G-SR (at least, from what I've researched). I've used the QcK Heavy for many years (both the older and newer versions) so I can confirm that this much is true. However, I've never tested the Gigantus Team Razer Edition myself, so my conclusion that it is faster than the G-SR comes strictly from the perspective of others.

If anyone can suggest a pad slower than the G-SR, I'd love to hear it! So far I've only read: "The G-SR is by far the slowest pad I've owned."
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