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Originally Posted by Alya View Post

The reason the G-SR is so slow for me is because of the high initial friction, but when moving the mouse, it's faster than the Gigantus or QcK+ in my experience. I just have a really hard time getting the mouse to move, it seems to "stick" in place.

Testing the G-SR vs. my old QcK Heavy (7 years!) and my new QcK Heavy (a couple of months + a machine wash) the G-SR is still slower in its dynamic friction (as well as its static friction, of course). I don't mind the high static friction - in fact I quite like it - because it allows my flicks to stop more precisely. I never feel like the starting resistance is high enough that it could affect micro-adjustments (I've competed on sensitivities between 20cm/360 and 60cm/360). So for me, the slower and more controlled a pad is, the better. If there's something even slower than the G-SR, I'd really love to know... but alas, I have yet to find it!

Originally Posted by dlul View Post

Dont worry it will get slower and slower with time. Just keep it for a year or 2, eat and drink in front of your computer. Mine got so slow that it took me 3 days to adjust when I bought a new qck heavy...

Yeah, my 7 year old QcK Heavy is significantly slower than my new one. The G-SR is still slower than the 7 year old Heavy, though. Know of anything slower than a G-SR? smile.gif
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