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Originally Posted by James N View Post

If you want something even slower than a 7 year old QCK , you might want to look into modifying your mousefeet. Cut them slightly smaller with a box cutter so the corners are not rounded. That will increase the friction by a lot. Or try getting some of those horrible first batch Scream 1 or Nixeus Revel mousefeet tongue.gif

Haha, been there done that. I don't want sharp/scratchy feet by any means. My favorite are actually the stock Zowie feet. I'm really bummed that the updated Zowie mice will have 4 smaller feet, because I prefer the slower glide of their old large feet. I'm anxiously awaiting the updated ZA13, and whenever it comes out, I'm curious if I'll be able to place the PCB into the old ZA13 bottom shell, just so I can use the larger feet biggrin.gif

I read that the Cougar Control pad is quite a bit slower than most other pads, but it's texture seems very odd and it has a ton of "waterproof coating" all over it. I'd prefer uncoated cloth. I'm guessing the Gigantus Team Razer Edition is going to be the highest friction uncoated pad? Perhaps @ncck can chime in here wave2.gif
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