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Originally Posted by munchzilla View Post

there's also the "blend of material" Puretrak mouse feet, they were so slow on my pads... tongue.gif

I think they are the Original on their website.

I may end up ordering a DM3 Mini soon, so if I do, I'll definitely take a look at those feet for the Kinzu. Thank you!

Originally Posted by Zero4549 View Post

I'm really loving my cougar control (original not 2) pad. there's like no static friction "stickyness" but its also a very slow and controlled glide. Like the razer mantis / goliathus control, but with even more exaggerated features.

Added bonus, it isn't butt ugly like most modern pads with weird graphics all over them, and doesn't have a ****ty stitched/coated edge that feels like poop on the wrist and screws up mouse control when near the edges.

Whoo, finally someone who has used the Cougar Control. Thanks for the response! When you say "no static friction stickiness", does that mean it's harder to stop on? I actually don't mind the G-SR's higher-than-normal static friction, because I feel like it makes flicks quite a bit easier. Would you say the Cougar Control is the highest friction pad that you know of? Also, do you happen to know the difference in glide between the original Control and the Control 2? Both are still being sold by Cougar. Thanks again!
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