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I tried learning Android studio over the summer but the Java coding is a roadblock for me since I don't really have any experience coding and all of the tutorials are not helpful. I want to learn how to code this app for a personal reason.

But I was wondering, if I were to develop an app (which I have an idea in my head of what I want to do) what would be the best avenue to get that up and running with no experience?

My idea is an app that reminds you of when to get your prescriptions refilled and it keeps a total number of pills you have left in a counter and the counter goes down every day until you have 7 days worth of pills left, and it sends you a notification of when to refill. It also has a list of pharmacies in your area and it keeps your insurance card numbers with a photo of your insurance card so you don't always have to get your insurance card out when seeing a new doctor or getting a prescription. It would be free, banner ad supported, with an option to remove the ad for $1.

This app would be very useful for me personally and I know it could help others. I figured that would be an easy app to get going but again, I don't know how to code it. I have the visual in my head already. I don't know anything about business either.

So is there a trick to learning Java that could make this process easier? I spent the entire summer trying to learn it and I couldn't even program a calculator inside of it.

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