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Originally Posted by ixsis View Post

I'll be honest here, some of what you want to do are going to involve a little more than 'learning java'. Getting the pharmacy list for instance will require location services (permissions) as well as accessing some web based API (maybe a google search) to get the pharmacies. Your simple app can easily bloom into a far more complex tool based on your specs.

I think your best bet is to use one of the existing apps (assuming you are in the states) from Walgreens, CVS, Walmart (or where ever you get your scripts filled). All of these apps have tools to manage your scripts and refills. Also, most insurance companies will most likely have restrictions on who they contract with for scripts so most people don't go from pharmacy to pharmacy but rather get all their scripts from one place.

That said, I'm not aware of any 'secrets' to learning Java/Android. I've always thought there are people that can code and people that can't. There is nothing wrong with being one that can't, in fact often times they tend to be the design/idea people and we very much need those types of contributors (my experience is that most coders are lousy designers...).

Perhaps someone here would be interested in partnering with you on this.

Originally Posted by jakethesnake438 View Post

Yeah +1 on this is a little more than learning java.

If you haven't already, go through some basic java tutorials so you have a basic idea on how to create a simple program.
A calculator is a good start like you tried, i'd go back to that and post questions on this forum if/when you get stuck, then you can move onto some slightly more advanced topics.

I created my first app in 2012 with very little programming experience in a few months (now it would take me one day maybe), so it is possible just not easy at all.
And I have been doing it professionally ever since

If you have any Android related questions, feel free to PM me / create a new thread and PM me the link. I do not ask for anything in return

Thanks guys for the help. This may not be the best idea if the other pharmacies already have apps like this. But I'm always thinking of new ideas and since I'm a very visual person (I'm a photographer after all) and I'm currently getting my MA in Educational Technology, I think the great ideas will just keep coming in the future. I'll be sure to reach out more!

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