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        if [ `grep -c "^#dateext" ${ROTATE}` -eq 1 ]
                sed -i 's/^#dateext/dateext/g' ${ROTATE}
                echo "Uncommented dateext"
                SUCCESS[${#SUCCESS[*]}]="Log date extnesions uncommented in config\n"
        elif [ `grep -c "^dateext" ${ROTATE}` -eq 1 ]
                echo "dateext already enabled"
                SKIP[${#SKIP[*]}]="Log date extensions already enabled in config\n"
        elif [ `grep -c "^dateext" ${ROTATE}` -eq 0 ]
                sed -i "s/compress/compress\n\ndateext/g" ${ROTATE}
                echo "Added dateext"
                SUCCESS[${#SUCCESS[*]}]="Log date extensions setting added to config\n"
                echo "Unsure of what to do? dateext isn't normal"
                FAIL[${#FAIL[*]}]="Log date extnesions settings aren't normal, please fix manually\n"

Here's another example I found in my scripts. It's part of a script to setup a RHEL box and configure the logrotate settings. The first if checks to see if dateext is commented, then uncomment, then 2nd it it's already uncommented the log the fact we skipped it, then 3rd we didn't find it, so we add it, and finally a failure message.

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