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Originally Posted by Retrorockit View Post

I'm into overclocking old Dells. I've got a couple workstations but I haven't run them yet.
T3400 QX9650, and t3500 W3690. I want to do a T7400 also. I'm gathering parts for it now. 2x X5470s. i couldn't find any support for the PLL chip on that one.
I really like what you're doing. I assume that OC is on stock voltage? My preferred technique is unlocked CPUs with Throttlestop software to control multiplier and Voltage. Although the T7400 will be BSEL and VID pinmods. The2006 Dell Dimension E520 in my sig. shows what this method can do. I sent a link from here to a guy at Tomshardware who is trying to get a W3690 to work in a T7500.
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Nice. I would look for ICS chip on the board if you can find it? Yeah it cut out the Integrated SATA so I use PCIe SATA cards for all my drives while overclocked & everything works fine... So keep that in mind the Onboard SATA cuts out.
Originally Posted by Retrorockit View Post

Do you have any BIOS issues with the R390? From R9-3xx/285 on up VESA mode 103 won't display and keeps you out of the BIOS screen. Did you have that? Did you find a fix? 1 guy said MSI afterburner fixed it. I know the T3400 have it. I think the 3500 too.

VESA mode 103? I'm not sure what that is... The AMD R9 390X won't support BIOS Post over Displayport 1.2 to hdmi 2.0 for 4k 60hz but works over HDMI alone so that's strange...

BIOS Modding the 390x is a breeze using Hawaii Bios Reader & ATIWinFlash v277

Post pictures of your build thumb.gif

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