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Originally Posted by Direhit View Post

Are there any problems ...which Asus H81M-C bios did you use? I own several of these boards & assumed (stupid me) when I bought them, I would be able to overclock the Intel G3258 CPU too.
Nope everything's fine. Sadly my chip is more on the lower end, requiring 1.25v for 4.2ghz stable.

I'm using the latest C model bios version, 3501.

I unpacked it with UEFITool_0.22.1 to get the .rom file. After that I used a special version of AfuWin that allows you to bypass/ignore all secruity checks and force flashed the unpacked rom while running windows (using cmd).

Gonna add a package to this post, including the AfuWin version used aswell as the unpacked C bios.
EDIT: Getting an error whenever I try adding a file to this post, so here's a mirror for now: http://www.mediafire.com/file/g8yhp5vbgciqvtm/AfuWin64%20and%20H81M-C%20bios%20%283501%29.rar
Close everything then flash the bios using cmd (as admin) with the following command: afu64.exe H81M-C-3501-unpacked.rom /GAN
Restart your PC after that and go into your bios, it should now say H81M-C at the top and allow you to go past the 32 multiplier etc.

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