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So I'm running 3333MHz with tight timings at 1.35 dram voltage for now. Seems stable enough. I'll go back to it over time trying to get better but I'm happy enough at the moment with that. Started overclocking the Ryzen 1600 instead. Right now I'm at 3.9GHz at 1.375vcore and LLC level 3.Pretty happy so far I have to say. Been having trouble finding something that can read temps well. Installed Ryzen Master but that install got corrupted somehow and I can't even uninstall it. I was running a mem stress test at the same time as installing it so maybe it got messed up somehow. CPUID HWMonitor seems good though but running at the same time as stress test always crashes windows. I think it has to do with memtest64 locking the ram or something. Testing stability now.

[Case: Corsair 650D--dual Noctua 200mm--120mm Noctua--NH-D15s cooler]
[Ryzen 1600--16GB G.Skill F4-3600C15D-16GTZ--Asus CH6--Samsung 960 Evo 250GB]
[Overclock: CPU--3.8GHz--RAM--3333Hz LL]
[Vcore: 1.32V--SOC:1.05V--DRAM 1.375V--LLC level 3 for CPU and SOC] - stable
BIOS Settings and Proof
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