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Hi Guys, i have been a long time lurker in OCN.
Originally Posted by RS87 View Post

Well thanks for clogging this thread with all that sensor crap!! 400-odd posts had me excited about reading news on a new BIOS and yet it was was filled with a **** tonne of moaning!! I havent been able to test the last two updates because ive moved house blah blah blah but 1501 and 1701 were rock solid for about 95% of people, thus the C6H is the best board on the marker for us Ryzen users, as stated a thousand times compared to threads of competitors boards!

Just stop bloody moaning and tweak your system so that its rock stable with YOUR last stable BIOS, thats it!

JEEZ!!! mad.gif

And those moaning about Raja's so called attitude.... get a life and a sense of humour will ya!! It's this piss poor attitude towards the important links of these companies that we have that got The Stilt all riled up and never to return to this thread, the same will eventually happen to Raja and Elmor and then you'll really be moaning when they refuse to talk to us and provide is with direct support!!

I agree! i have been reading as well expecting to find fixes or tips on how to fix or optimize things related to CH6 instead I'm slammed with a wall of moaning. please stop! this is why were here in overclock.net we like to tweak and optimize our rigs! BTW my rig is running fine with P-state OC to 3.7ghz at 1.23v and 3200mhz ram (i got the expensive rams though biggrin.gif)

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