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I got this motherboard during the Ryzen sale and ASUS game promotion and seeing as my case only fits MicroATX this seemed the best motherboard to get.

I am very happy with it. From what I have read about the other Micro ATX boards this must be the best:thumb:

At first I gave the stock Spire cooler a chance and was running at 3.7Ghz 1.2v. Prime was stable but hitting 75 degrees but the VRM temps were a very reasonable 60 degrees max. I then fitted a Xigmatek dark knight cooler I had from AM3 days and it fits fine over the AM4 bracket it doesn't face the exhaust fan but the air does cool the VRM's so win some lose some..

I am now running 24/7 3840Mhz at 1.30625v and temperatures are more reasonable for both CPU and VRM.

Using 3401 BIOS. I tried Load Line calibration from Auto to extreme and I got the best results on Auto. I have Phase control set to Extreme and frequency set to 350.

I tried the on-board Realtek LAN and was quite happy with it but was getting some lower benchmark results with network usage so tried a Intel pt 1000 dual LAN PCI-e card and got similar results. So the Realtek is fine but with default settings it was very slow at connecting to Cyberghost VPN but after changing some settings it was better.

Some Benchmarks
Originally Posted by Minotaurtoo View Post

One odd option they added to this board from my previous one was an option for performance bias... I really had no idea what to make of this... but i decided to test it... it offered performance bias for cinebench R15, R11.5 AIDA and Geekbench... surprisingly it actually did something

As you can see the 3.8ghz profile is actually ahead of the 3.9 profile! without the performance bias it only scored 1684... and strangely it made a difference in games too:

And finally Ryzen 1700 at 3.8 with performance bias set for Cinebench R15:

Now I'm not even going to guess what that performance bias does, but it is a neat feature to find on a B350 board.

I didn't touch that option yet that seems interesting and I have to test it now! I am also wondering what it changes if it has an effect on gaming as well you would think it is something to do with latency.

Edit- Yes this user reported it lowers the latency of the CPU cache but could possibly affect stability. https://rog.asus.com/forum/showthread.php?98004-Performace-Bias-option-in-BIOS
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