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Originally Posted by miklkit View Post

Does that motherboard do BCLK OCing? If so, then it might be possible to run the clocks up incrementally. I'm messing around with a new bios that finally lets my E-die 3200, 16-18 ram run at that speed and I'm finding that 3020 @ 14-16 is at least as fast if not faster.

Those VRMs are running very cool and are in fact running cooler than mine are. Mine are now peaking at 52-53C.

It does allow base clock overclocking... at least it looks like it does lol.. haven't tried it yet really... been trying to OC my ram past the rated 3000, ... no dice so far even with increasing the timmings... 15, 17, 17 35 nets me 2933, but I was hoping if I loosened the timings I could get higher.

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