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Nice overclock. Are you stable at 3.92 or just for benches?

I have been testing my stability with prime and have realised that leaving the VRM Phase control frequency at 200 allows less Vcore to be used. Leaving phase control set to optimal is just as stable as extreme and uses less power. I set both my Load line calibrations to regular which seems the best. I use ZenStates to overclock in windows so that my C-states are still working and now I am going to enable EPU power saving and test for stability so I can save even more power and hopefully still be stable.

My CPU is hitting a big voltage wall around 3850Mhz where it's not practical to overclock further but I can bench at 4GHZ at 1.4v.

I manged to get the RAM to boot at 3200 but it errors out in windows memtest after 10 minutes.
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