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Originally Posted by renhanxue View Post

I'd try setting LLC to 4 or so first, that's very easy and will bump your voltage under load a little bit. I'm not sure when it'd be appropriate to change the SVID behavior; wouldn't it be easier to just increase the manually configured adaptive voltage instead?

I've also heard various more or less confusing claims that adaptive is broken in some way in the 0802 BIOS for the Maximus X boards, but I haven't understood exactly how except that it supposedly provides less voltage than it should. I've only just started out experimenting with my own Hero board and haven't really gotten off the ground yet.
I believe all three options will increase load voltage. But upping LLC and/or SVID behaviour will also affect non-turbo volts I think, and LLC will counter vdroop (for better or worse?).

So why use LLC instead of just upping the turbo voltage? Won't one have better control of the resulting load voltage with the latter option? I see everyone using LLC in their OCs, but I fail to see the immediate benefit...

As for adaptive being broken, changing SVID behaviour to best, IA AC & DC load to 0.0.1 and LLC to default worked for me (Z370-E). Otherwise the voltage was way higher than needed at load. But it sounds strange if the Maximus boards are providing less voltage than expected...

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