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Originally Posted by The Robot View Post

First news about a 88 inch monstrosity and now this. Damn, stop teasing us, bring OLED in proper desktop size already.
Exacty. Many of these panels have been around a while, they are made for profi use in movie making etc. but even those often get discontinued and cost insane $.
Laptops have OLED a while now too.

At least 24" OLED Asus... not 21.6" and if it's 4k that's nice but it should do 120-144Hz strobed at least and more at 1080p as much as the DP connection allows, should be 480Hz, again strobed, just imagine OMG 24" 1080p OLED 480Hz strobed... and then for desktop and reading bam 4k 120Hz... I would tap that.
The 21.6″ panel packs 204 pixels per inch, which offers plenty of detail for editing large photos that usually have to wait until you get back to the office.
Get back to office and look at the IPS etc. oh yeah, "so good so good". It's like comparing what I see in the OLED viewfinder on my el cheap camera vs IPS monitor. No, just no. They can boast their snail 60Hz PA IPS line all they want.
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