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Originally Posted by Hunched View Post

I am so sick of resolution > framerates/hz
Give me a 1080p 144hz+ 24"~ OLED

Like why are we starting out with 4K OLED? Aren't prices enough of a problem with OLED monitors as it is?
Lets not go with a reasonable resolution or anything for anywhere near a reasonable price
And 21"? Why...
4K is an artifact of the 1080 panel manufacturing chain. It was chosen simply because four 1080 panels could make one 4K, or something like that — not because there was an intrinsic benefit of 4K resolution that made it so much better than other resolutions.

If resolution progress had been sane we would have moved directly from 720 to 1440 instead of 720 to 1080 to 4K.

But, sanity doesn't benefit the planned obsolescence crowd.

You see, there are diminishing returns, especially in HDTV, for pixel density (pixel pitch). 1440 is basically good enough for HDTV, given reasonably normal vision and reasonably normal viewing distances. Well, TV makers wouldn't have been so happy not selling people a whole extra round of televisions (1080) that could clearly look blurrier than the next round when people are up close at the showroom.

1080 doesn't offer enough vertical resolution, in particular, to satisfy the limitations of even 20/20 human vision. 4K is pretty much overkill for HDTV. 1440 was the sweet spot for pixel pitch when all of the factors are considered. But, instead of that, we're now supposed to drool over 8K.

4K makes some sense on the desktop, when people are up close to the panel. But, the benefits of 4K over 1440 typically are outweighed by the drawbacks, especially with TV and film.

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