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Originally Posted by MCridercho View Post

2018 - 21.6"
2019 - 27" + ?
2016 = 21.6"
2017 = 21.7"
2018 = 21.8"


It's a 2016 panel. Just sold by Asus in a product in 2018. Can't blame them though, it's JOLED that takes time to get them out. LG is worse IMHO, they are sitting on the OLED and only willing to sell huge panels for TVs.

From Dec 5.
In June 2017 JOLED announced that it started to sample 21.6" 4K OLED panels, with plans to initiate low volume production at its 4.5-Gen pilot inkjet production line. JOLED announced today that it has began commercial shipments of these panels. We do not know JOLED's first customer but it is likely to be Sony.

JOLED first commercial 21.6'' 4K OLED panels photo on glass

JOLED says that it has now achieved the necessary product quality and production yields. The product was already selected for use in medical monitors (again, we believe this is Sony, who we know received JOLED's first samples and already has its own 25" OLED medical monitor that uses Sony's own OLEDs). JOLED also aims to ship these panes to other OLED monitors applications.

Is the ASUS one also glass? Or do they have another version?

So far from all info it seems JOLED is still on low volume = prices are higher than mass produced would be, but it is an ink jet printed panel. Mass production 2019, meanwhile LG is a happy camper.
JOLED OLED on glass

Screen size 21.6 inches
Screen dimensions
(Width x Height x Diagonal) 478.1 x 268.9 x 548.5 mm
Resolution 3,840(RGB) x 2,160, 204 ppi
Peak luminance 350 cd/m2
Contrast ratio 1,000,000:1
Panel thickness 1.3 mm
Weight 500 g

And the huge LG OLEDs are probably made using different technique, and I read medium sized are not well suited for it, no idea why, are all small OLEDs printed and the huge ones use different method? Leaving the PC market = medium size completely dead for now? Seems silly that some technique would have size limitations.

Meanwhile even stupid car lights are OLED now and PC monitor market is left to die. Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
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