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Originally Posted by guttheslayer View Post

We need HDR G-sync [email protected] 32" OLED Display NOW!!!

I think we'll hope for a long time , Burn in and Image retention we can overcome on them in TVs because the TVs are used for movies most of the time so OLED with perfect blacks will do very well and can ignore any isseus with it .
But OLED won't be suitable for gaming for a long time and this is why we don't see any OLED PC Monitos so far .
Yes , for me i love the perfect black levels for OLED and the PQ is an excellent but Burn in and image retention makes me skip it and wait for Micro-Led whether for TVs or PC Monitors .
I don't need to be happy the first 2 years with Oled and by the time begin to face problems with it . I can't force anyone in my family to run a particular thing or for a certain period of time in order to maintain OLED and avoid its problems . So i doubt OLED will last for 5 years without any problems and the best solution is waiting for Micro-Led .
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